August 6, 2011

My husband is going down!!!!

This morning my husband pulled a horribly evil prank and I am determined to get him back! So I NEED your help!

First, I want to tell you that I am probably the worst morning person ever (stay away or I might eat you alive.) My husband knows this more than anyone and he is the complete opposite. To make matters even worse, I was up until 3am reading the fabulous Divergent and he know this as well!

Anyways, I was supposed to be at work this morning by 8:45am, which means I should leave my house no later than 8:35. It is REALLY more than important that I’m at work BEFORE 9am.

So, this morning my husband snuggles up to me and says, “What time are you supposed to leave for work?” Through squinted eyes I look at my alarm clock (it’s about 20 minutes fast to guarantee that I get up on time), and it says 9:16!!! So I jump out of bed and run into the kitchen and look at the microwave clock at it says 8:55 and I say “Crap!" I screamed, "My alarm didn’t go off! I’m dead! I’m sooooo late!!!!” I start throwing on the first pieces of clothing that I can find. I’m running all over the house, I go to the restroom, brush my teeth and put on some deodorant. I grab my purse and phone and start running for the door.

But then I look at my phone and it says, "6:55!" PMg!?!?!? (PMg is Angeline Kace and my OMG) So...PMg!!! I say, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” No wonder why my husband was staring at me while I was going to the restroom. Immediately he starts laughing is butt off! I walk over to the microwave and the clock says 9:05am and my bedroom clock says 9:21! Can you believe it? He changed the freakin’ clocks on purpose! I am so MAD! My sleep in the morning is precious!

Now it is my turn to get him back! (Locking him out of the house this morning doesn’t count.) Luckily, he NEVER visits my blog, he barely checks his facebook page (maybe twice a month) and he never checks his email. So I am asking, “Please, please help me get him back!” I need something outrageously good. And it has to be logical…something that I can really pull off. And, as a reward, whoever gives me the best idea that I can actually use, will receive a swag pack from me. The swag pack can only be mailed to a US shipping address (I don't have the money otherwise), but I would still like to hear from the brilliant minds outside the US. If you are outside the US, maybe I’ll buy you a Kindle book if your idea is really good!


So please leave a comment(s) on this post of your idea and make sure include your contact info and state if you are US or International. I will make my decision by tomorrow night at 8/6/11 at 8pm PST. And I will keep you posted on how the prank played out!



Ashley said...

I have ALWAYS, REALLY wanted to put dish soap on someone's bath towel... Perhaps not as bad as changing the clocks, but I mean, really... You get out of the shower, start to dry off & all of a sudden are all sudsy/soapy again!! And dish soap us harder to get off! :P

Sarah N Fisk said...

OMG, my sister and I prank each other a lot! You can see videos of some of our pranks at

Some of ours are based on the fact we have separate rooms, but some of the others might work:

- Late at night/early morning/before he leaves - enlist the help of some friends to cover his car in Post-it notes. I did this one to K. You could also saran-wrap his car.
- If he has an office or workspace or something that's his only, sneak in there and wrap everything in saran-wrap. If it's a room that's his own, fill it with balloons. You could also fill his car with balloons.
- When you are going somewhere in the car together, you get in first (with the keys), lock the door and don't let him in until he dances to your satisfaction - while filming it!
- Does he like oreos? Buy some and replace some of the filling with toothpaste.
- Kayelee lit a fire cracker in the bathroom (inside a bucket) while I was taking a shower
- putting hot sauce in any kind of red food is good too.
- if he doesn't rinse his toothbrush off before using it, you can soak it in clear hot sauce or that bitter stuff they use to keep kids from chewing their fingernails. or anything else he habitually puts in his mouth.

You could also check out Nikki and John for more ideas:

Hope that helps! And I don't really want the swag pack (well I WANT it but..) because I'm in this housing limbo, staying at my parents with my stuff in storage until I figure something else out and I'm trying to keep my baggage to a minimum :-)

Sarah Nicolas said...

And, oops! I posted that under the wrong account, but I'll just leave it :-)

Angeline Kace said...

PMg!!! This was an evil one! Something my husband would be laughing his head off about, too!

So, you wanna play dirty? Have one of your pregnant friends take a pregnancy test and give it to your hubs. Tell him your preggers. That oughta teach him not to mess with mamma's sleep!

Shawn Kirsten Maravel said...

Okay, here's my suggestion! Fill his shampoo bottle up with olive oil, either half shampoo and half oil or all oil. You want it to till smell like shampoo. Then when he tries to wash it out it is really hard to get out. I suggest you only do this with shampoo that is a similar color as your shampoo so it's not as noticeable.

It's simple but...effective. :)


Amy said...

Haha that's evil, poor thing. I just finished Divergent recently, lovvvved it.

My revenge usually involves chilli peppers, can't beat those things. I hope you manage to get him good.


Unknown said...

If you have a water sprayer in your kitchen, saran wrap the handle or tape it perfectly down so that it's not seen. Make sure the handle is aiming directly toward the area where he will be standing while at the sink. Wait.....he will get SOAKED.

I also REALLY like the idea about dying the shampoo a color...maybe temporary hair dye?! :) Love that one! Very good suggestion.

K.A.Tucker said...

That's aweful. It's bad enough you had to work on Saturday but that?!
Does he need his car to get somewhere? you could hide his keys and then act like he's the tool who lost them. Or his phone, or his wallet, or his bank card... or all of the above. You could throw a red sock in with his whites but that's a little destructive... I actually really like the Olive oil one mentioned above. Just make sure you change your bed sheets or he'll ruin your pillow cases!

Johanna said...

Why not put a rock or something that can bump his side of the bed. Like the princess and the pea style. Just make sure that it's hidden carefully and the evil hubby will be tossing and turning all night!

kathy said...

My husband & I came up with a couple... You could dye his underwear (pink is a lovely color), or fake being pregnant, or maybe set the clocks back. Like, to make him think it's earlier than it really is.
You'll have to post what you actually do. :)

Sarah Nicolas said...

Oh, also. My roommate froze my truck keys in a cup of water. Just make sure to take off all electronic parts first.

Ottilie Weber said...

Oh my gosh I really hope you got him back, that is so awful!

Sherry Soule said...

What a brat! lol

Hope you think of a good way to get back at him!


Sherry Soule Official Website

Author of the Spellbound Series

Victor Olisa said...

Loving this blog, the feel, the reviews and other posts. Do pay me a visit when you are chanced, and be careful for you might not want to leave. I am an author and a blogger, and would be honored to do a guest post on your blog, and maybe an interview

candiricer3 said...

Buy the invisible fence . comes with collar . plug it into the wall and cut enough wire to make a loop/ circle . don't worry you won't get can hide it or set it up while he's sleeping . get the collar and shock his foot . don't worry it won't kill or harm him but it will scare the shit out of him . I did this to my hub because he kept hiding spiders in my area
s. last straw was the spice cabinet . no more spiders

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