November 30, 2012

Allegiance by KA Tucker Tour Stop: Julian POV Meeting Amelie

I stirred with the toe-curling sound of a tiger's wail. It was coming from the darkness outside the hut and it sent a shudder through my wounded body. Whatever caused it couldn't be good. I lay still and stared at the ceiling, waiting.

Wondering what would happen to me. To us.

How long had Evie and I been here? One day? One week? I had no idea. I was unconscious most of the time anyway, given my near fatal injuries. I spent my few waking hours silently watching Evie, wondering if she'd ever forgive me. That and dwelling over the fact that I had killed my own sister.

A chorus of angry shouts arose outside. I strained to hear and immediately winced as a stab of agony spiked through my side, setting off a swirl of haze.

And then complete darkness, as I drifted back into pain-induced oblivion…

A soft tickle against my chin pulled me back. Soft and soothing and explorative, like a fingertip. Cracking my eyes open, I struggled to focus but the combination of oppressive heat, lack of water, and constant agony battled with my vision, leaving everything blurry. Luckily a fire now burned bright outside, casting enough light through the tiny window to illuminate the hut's interior.

And that's how I first saw the angel hovering over me. Bathed in a glow, surrounded by haze, an angel with perfect curls and mesmerizing emerald eyes gazed down at me, smiling.

"Am I dead?" I asked, my words coming out in a hoarse whisper. "Are you here to take me away?"

The angel's plump lips curved into a smirk. "Yes, Julian. I am." The way she said my name in that raspy voice of hers sent shivers up my spine. But it didn't outweigh the stir of disappointment in my stomach with her confirmation. After all I'd been through, this was it. I'd join my parents and Valentina in ... somewhere. "Okay. Will you tell Evie I'm sorry," I asked with a resigned sigh.

"I guess I can ..." The angel leaned forward until her face was inches from mine, enough that I could see it more clearly. Damn, angels have gorgeous eyes. And lips … And … I felt my eyes widen as awareness hit me. "Holy shit, you're Amelie!" I blurted out, remembering that face from Evangeline's pictures. How could I ever have forgotten it! I'd stared at it for weeks in the mountains, wondering what she'd be like in person, shocked that something so beautiful could exist outside of dreams.

And be a vampire.

My body stiffened a notch as I realized my predicament. I was a limp sack of nothing - unable to move, to defend myself. No doubt she knew that. She was a natural predator, after all. And I could be her next meal.

So I lay still, my gaze straining to the door, wondering where the hell Evie and Max were and why they'd left me alone with a friggin' vampire. Even one with the mouth of an angel.

As if aware of my discomfort, Amelie sat back on her haunches, chuckling softly as her eyes drifted over my bare torso, settling on the stiff clothe that hardly covered me from the waist-down. "Please don't be afraid of me," she whispered softly, her eyes shifting to my face in a playful way. "I just want to be friends. I won't hurt you."

"No?" For some reason, I believed her. This is why humans are stupid, I reminded myself.

She smiled. "No ... never." Her delicate hand reached forward to graze my chest, her fingers gentle and feeling every bit like a young, curious woman and not a blood-thirsty animal. Leaning forward until her mouth hovered above mine, she whispered so sweetly, "I would never hurt you Julian. Never."

I don't know what kind of vampire voodoo she was using on me but it was working. Quickly, surely, I felt all fear and worry fall away under this intoxicating creature's power. I found myself physically unable to peel my eyes away from her mouth, wondering what it would feel like to have her curl up beside me, to say my name over and over again.

The second those lips connected with mine, I knew I was hers forever.

About the Book!

Evangeline finally got what she longed for—the cursed pendant off her neck and Caden in her arms—only it came at a steep price. An unknown poison now courses through her body, slowly morphing her into something no one but the Fates can foresee.She has her suspicions, though...and if she is right, it will spell certain ruin for her and Caden. But she won’t last long enough to realize that, if Viggo and Mortimer uncover the treasonous secrets she keeps from them– that Veronique, no longer entombed, is now in the torturous clutches of the witches and the People’s Sentinel, or that she is protecting a Sentinel within their very midst.

Always the naive human caught in the vampires’ web of deceit, Evangeline is now weaving her own dangerous web so she can keep her friend alive, rescue Veronique, and stop a seemingly inevitable war from erupting. But can her honor handle the depths of duplicity to which she must descend, in order to be in league with the vampires?

Dark and gripping, riddled with angst, Allegiance will have readers anxiously turning pages to find out if Evangeline can survive, or if she’ll spiral into disaster.

The Other Books!
Anathema is FREE on Amazon NOW!

My FAVE Author!

Born in small-town Ontario, Kathleen published her first book at the age of six with the help of her elementary school librarian and a box of crayons. She is a voracious reader and the farthest thing from a genre-snob, loving everything from High Fantasy to Chick Lit. Kathleen currently resides in a quaint small town outside of Toronto with her husband, two beautiful girls, and an exhausting brood of four-legged creatures.



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November 28, 2012

Impatiently Waiting! Stung by Bethany Wiggins


Expected publish date:
April 2, 2013

Publisher's summary: Fiona doesn't remember going to sleep. But when she opens her eyes, she discovers her entire world has been altered-her house is abandoned and broken, and the entire neighborhood is barren and dead. Even stranger is the tattoo on her right wrist-a black oval with five marks on either side-that she doesn't remember getting but somehow knows she must cover at any cost. And she's right. When the honeybee population collapsed, a worldwide pandemic occurred and the government tried to bio-engineer a cure. Only the solution was deadlier than the original problem-the vaccination turned people into ferocious, deadly beasts who were branded as a warning to un-vaccinated survivors. Key people needed to rebuild society are protected from disease and beasts inside a fortress-like wall. But Fiona has awakened branded, alone-and on the wrong side of the wall . . .



Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.


November 23, 2012

Introducing Top 10 of 2012 - Sign up now!


WOW! Has the year flown by or what? I can't believe we're ready for another fun filled week where we look back at some of the best of all things books of 2012 and what books we're looking forward to in 2013. Last year I participated in this event and had so much fun I'm co-hosting this year with my favorite fellow bloggers - Lisa from A Life Bound By Books, Jessica from Confessions of a Bookaholic, Rachel from Fiktshun, and Jaime from Two Chicks on Books.

The event runs for five consecutive days, the last week of the year. Five days of some of our favorite lists and we invite ALL of YOU to join in on the fun and share your lists with everyone too!

Each day of the event we hope you'll visit one of the hosting blogs and share your list with the Linky that will be provided. Just be sure you follow which lists goes on which day. Speaking of... here's what we're doing for this years event -

Monday, December 24th - Best Books I've Read in 2012 (Doesn't have to be released in 2012, just a book you've read in 2012)

Tuesday, December 25th - Best Book Covers of 2012 (MUST be a book released in 2012. Would be best if it's a book you've READ in 2012, but it's not required)

Wednesday, December 26th - Best ________ Of 2012 (Readers/Bloggers choice. Please fill in the blank with ONE of these topics - Villains, Contemporaries, Dual POV's, Novellas, Adult titles, New Adult titles, Love Triangles, Couples, Bad Boys or Debuts. REMEMBER - this list MUST be from books you've READ in 2012)

Thursday, December 27th - Best Book Boyfriends of 2012 (MUST be from a book released in 2012 and from a book you've READ in 2012)

Friday, December 28th - Top 10 Books I'm looking forward to in 2013. (This list should be comprised of books released ONLY in 2013)

How you do these posts/lists is totally up to you. What books, covers and characters you pick are all your own.

The only rules to follow are posting the topics on the dates we've provided.

Now, I know what you're all thinking. That this will be hard to keep to 10. Some of you might like to break the lists up a bit. Working with a Top 10 for YA books and then a Top 10 for Adult titles. Feel free to add honorable mentions if you're also having a hard time sticking to 10. However, with the honorable mentions, please try to keep it to a minimum or it kind of defeats the whole purpose of things.

Our main focus of this event is for YOU to join in and share your lists with us all and for everyone to visit each others blogs' and see what books have made it on THEIR lists.

The event is simple. Follow the dates and list topics as provided and fill out the linky below. This gives us an idea who will be joining us for the Top 10 week. THEN, be sure to come back to one of our blogs on each of the five days and link up your post for that specific day! Just remember, each day will have a linky for THAT Top 10 topic.

Also, you don't want to miss a day during the event. We just might have some giveaways up our sleeves and joining in the event, keeping up with our and everyone lists just might help you enter to win! Additional giveaway details to follow, so keep checking back to find out what we're giving away and when!

And don't forget to snag our button and to help spread the word for the event. We'd love to have anyone and everyone join us this year. The more the merrier!

NOTE: this is the SAME Linky on each of the Co-Hosts Blogs, so please only enter your Name, Blog Name and URL on one blog. Thanks!

Be sure to take the button provided for the event and display it on your blog and link it back to this post so anyone who wants to find out more info about the event easily knows how to find us.

We hope everyone who reads this will be as excited for this event as we are and we can't wait to check out all of your lists!


November 21, 2012

Impatiently Waiting! A Darkness Strange and Lovely by Susan Dennard


Expected publish date:
July 23, 2013

Author's summary: Following an all-out battle with the walking Dead, the Spirit-Hunters have fled Philadelphia, leaving Eleanor alone to cope with the devastating aftermath. But there’s more trouble ahead—the evil necromancer Marcus has returned, and his diabolical advances have Eleanor escaping to Paris to seek the help of Joseph, Jie, and the infuriatingly handsome Daniel once again. When she arrives, however, she finds a whole new darkness lurking in this City of Light. As harrowing events unfold, Eleanor is forced to make a deadly decision that will mean life or death for everyone.



Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.


November 20, 2012

Character Q&A with Gabe - Luminosity Blog Tour & Giveaway

About the Author!

Stephanie Thomas has been writing ever since she could put letters together to form words. When she was a small child, she would present her mother and father with self-made newspapers filled up with make believe stories and pictures. Her love for writing followed her all throughout her schooling, where she entered and won writing contests of all sorts. Stephanie decided to become an English teacher and completed her B.A. at The Pennsylvania State University. While teaching, she later went on to get her Master’s in writing from The Johns Hopkins University. She completed her very first manuscript during her graduate studies, and by the end of the program, she had completed two more. Stephanie is quick to tell anyone that she’s a born and raised Philadelphian, and her heart will always belong there. She moved to Baltimore with her husband, and they’ve been living there for the last five years with their doggie, Sailor, and their rabbit, Buns (aka “T Sizzle).

About the Book!


My name is Beatrice. When I was born, I was blessed with the Sight. I was immediately removed from my parents and enrolled in the Institution. At the age of twelve, I had my first true vision, earning my raven’s wings. And when I turned seventeen, one of my visions came true. Things haven’t been the same since.

The Institution depends on me to keep the City safe from our enemy, the Dreamcatchers, but I’m finding it harder to do while keeping a secret from everyone, including my best friend Gabe. It is a secret that could put us all in danger. A secret that could kill me and everyone close to me.

AmazonBarnes & NobleThe Book Depository


About Gabe!

Gabe is just another Seer at the Institution and Beatrice’s best friend. They’ve been friends since the very start, and hold a fierce loyalty to one another. Gabe loves ham day in the cafeteria and has a good sense of humor. Just be careful if his temper flares, since he hasn’t perfected letting go of grudges.

Q&A with Gabe!

For the tour stop here at Magical Urban Fantasy Reads we have Gabe here for a quick interview!

What is one of your favorite things about Bea? What annoys you the most about her?
My favorite thing about Bea is that she’s a great friend. I don’t mind telling her anything and everything, and she’s always there to listen. Lately, though, I’d say that the most annoying thing about her is that she seems to be keeping things from me, and I can’t figure out what it is or why.

Does it bother you that your visions aren't as clear or reliable as Bea's and others?
No, because no one’s Visions are the same. It’s just how things work. I don’t think anyone really gets jealous of someone else’s Visions, but anything is possible, I suppose.

What do you like to do for fun?
We like to play marbles. It helps to pass the time, and it’s fun collecting and taking them from others when you win. With all of our training and classes, we don’t have much time to relax, so we enjoy it when we can.

What's your favorite thing to eat?
Ham on ham day, for sure.

Favorite weapon?
If I had to use one, I’d choose an automatic gun. Any one will do. They are easier to fire, and I don’t have to waste too much time reloading them. Truth be told, though, I rather not use any weapon at all, but when it comes to fighting, it’s either fight or die, and I rather not die.

Do you believe that being a Seer is an important job? Why?
Of course I do! Without the Seers, the Citizens would be left unprotected, and The City might fall. We’ve worked hard to rebuild after the war, and the Citizens just don’t have enough to keep themselves and The City safe. It’s the role I was born into, and I fiercely maintain that the Seers have a responsibility to carry out that role.

Thanks Gabe for stopping by! Hopefully we will get to have you back again soon!

Tour Schedule

Nov 13: Fantasy Book Addict
Nov 14: K-Books
Nov 15: Letters Inside Out
Nov 16: Sparkles and Lightning
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Nov 20: Magical Urban Fantasy Reads
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Nov 24: The Non Reluctant Reader
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Nov 26: Fiktshun
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Nov 28: Making The Grade Reviews
Nov 29: Winterhaven Books


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Mini Prize

Right here on Magical Urban Fantasy Reads I'm giving away an eBook of Luminosity, courtesy of Entangled Publishing. This is open International, so please leave a comment below with your email addy to enter to win an eBook! The eBook Giveaway is only open for 48 hours, and will end November 21, 2012 at 11:59 EST.


November 15, 2012

Shades of Earth by Beth Revis

Publisher's summary: Amy and Elder have finally left the oppressive walls of the spaceship Godspeed behind. They're ready to start life afresh--to build a home--on Centauri-Earth, the planet that Amy has traveled 25 trillion miles across the universe to experience.

But this new Earth isn't the paradise Amy had been hoping for. There are giant pterodactyl-like birds, purple flowers with mind-numbing toxins, and mysterious, unexplained ruins that hold more secrets than their stone walls first let on. The biggest secret of all? Godspeed's former passengers aren't alone on this planet. And if they're going to stay, they'll have to fight.

Amy and Elder must race to discover who--or what--else is out there if they are to have any hope of saving their struggling colony and building a future together. They will have to look inward to the very core of what makes them human on this, their most harrowing journey yet. Because if the colony collapses? Then everything they have sacrificed--friends, family, life on Earth--will have been for nothing.

My take: Beth Revis has one crazy imagination! It is completely ludicrous that she was able to accomplish such a jaw dropping resolution to this trilogy, and I’m outright mystified how she did it. If you thought the first two books were insane, well . . . you are in for a shocker with this one because she surpassed the first two by a long shot in my opinion! I’ll tell you what; Beth Revis has no shame in killing off people I had not at all expected would be done away with. I mean, you can usually guess who will be the next one to die in a movie…but not in this book. And then every jaw dropping scene took me several moments to process because each one was so unbelievably insane! Can you tell that I loved this book?

There are a lot of characters introduced in this book, but I was always kind of leery with getting too attached to them. And that’s because Beth Revis did a great job of making me cautious to see if they deserved my trust or if they even deserved to be liked. I’ll have to admit that I wasn’t quite as paranoid as Elder was, but at the same time, I’m wondering if it would have been better for my sanity to have been just a little more paranoid myself. Elder did get on my nerves several times, but I still like his character and I personally liked Amy’s character a whole lot better after this book.

I was completely sucked into this story from the very first page; in fact, I’m pretty sure Shades of Earth didn’t leave my fingers until I turned the last page. But it was the last half of the book that had me freaking out! There was one crazy twist after another and there simply was no way for me to guess how this story would end; so much so that when the book was nearing the end, I was actually a little nervous that Beth wouldn’t be able to accomplish a proper ending. But she tied everything up nicely and ended the story flawlessly.

I am for sure a Beth Revis fan, and I’ll be keeping a close eye out for any upcoming new books written by her.


November 14, 2012

Impatiently Waiting! Ashes On The Waves by Mary Lindsey


Expected publish date:
June 27, 2013

Author's summary: Liam MacGregor is cursed. Haunted by the wails of fantastical Bean Sidhes and labeled a demon by the villagers of Dòchas, Liam has accepted that things will never get better for him—until a wealthy heiress named Annabel Leighton arrives on the island and Liam’s fate is changed forever.

With Anna, Liam finally finds the happiness he has always been denied; but, the violent, mythical Otherworlders, who inhabit the island and the sea around it, have other plans. They make awager on the couple’s love, testing its strength through a series of cruel obstacles. But the tragedies draw Liam and Anna even closer. Frustrated, the creatures put the couple through one last trial—and this time it’s not only their love that’s in danger of being destroyed.



Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.


November 13, 2012

The Emerald Talisman Audio Book Tour



Book summary: You can run from your destiny, but you can't hide.

If for no other reason than to help endure the hormonal rush of high school, sixteen-year-old Julia Parker would trade her ability to feel her fellow students' emotions in a heartbeat, especially half the boys in class.

When the beguiling Nicholas uses his superhuman strength to rescue Julia from the edge of a cliff before she's devoured by a bloodthirsty stalker, Julia is suddenly thrust into an underground world where people and animals are often one and the same. Fellow high school students disappear and only Julia and Nicholas know the truth. While Nicholas, a vampire hunter, is out stopping the ever-growing coven, an old friend entices Julia to join him on the dark side and a psychic tells Julia she alone is the key to stopping the madness, problem is it'll require Nicholas' life.

About the Author


Brenda Pandos lives in California with her husband and two boys. She attempts to balance her busy life filled with writing, being a mother and wife, and spending time with friends and family. Working formerly as an I.T. Administrator, she never believed her imagination would be put to good use. After her son was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder her life completely changed. Writing paranormal romance became something she could do at home while tending to the new needs of her family, household, and herself.

Three years later, Brenda now has five books published, The Talisman Trilogy: The Emerald Talisman, The Sapphire Talisman, and The Onyx Talisman, and Mer Tales: Everblue and Evergreen. She is currently working on the third book of Mer Tales, Everlost, coming February 2013.

About the Narrator

Mary Morgan: One of Mary's favorite childhood toys was a cheap tape recorder she used to record made-up stories before she learned to read and write. Growing older, she started to mimic sounds, dialogue and voices she heard in cartoons, movies and tape recordings from children's books. By her teens, the habits slowly went away as other interests caught her attention. But throughout school years when she was asked to read passages aloud from textbooks, make a class presentation, perform plays or occasional puppet shows on stage, teachers and directors commented on the uniqueness of how she spoke or delivered her lines. Mary had dreams of acting in film and television, and ignored constant advice to look into voice overs for more than fifteen years until in 2007 she finally gave in, recognizing her true skills and learning to nurture her talents.

In voice acting, Mary has had the opportunity to use her voice in anime programs through Funimation Entertainment, video games and animation projects. She loves being able to interact in a visual story with a passion for voicing all kinds of unique characters in fantasy, sci-fi and horror genres.

Aside from voice acting, her second passion is writing. Her collection of books heavily outnumbers any other hobby. She is writing her first novel and, hopes to add a collection of short stories and eventually move into screenplays. Every so often she keeps up with a blog varying on topics that she finds curious and interesting.

Mary Morgan's Blog

Mary still has other aspirations she hopes to incorporate in her life like world traveling, publishing, creating her own production company, and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

You can some of her demos online here: Sound Cloud


Here’s a guest post with Brenda and the narrator Mary.

Mary: As a voice over, I enjoyed narrating The Emerald Talisman very much, especially as I'm super-fond of YA fiction. My only struggles were with myself and being my own harshest critic despite this being my first attempt ever at reading and recording an audio book on my own. I live in the spirit of trying any activity at least once, whether I do a great job or not. Now I can look back to at least say that I recorded one audio book, unless I'm asked to record others depending on having the time and resources to do so.

A particular highlight for me was reading the voices for villains. Even when watching cartoons growing up I was drawn more to the villains, not because they were evil, but because they weren't boring.

Any worst part of recording comes down to judging myself, thinking I'm ruining the book with my voice and my read. Instinctively I want to please everybody and its never going to happen. I can only do my best, learn from the event, and strive to get better.

The Emerald Talisman was my first venture into audio books and I'm thrilled to work with such a passionate author. The experience has also helped me improve my storytelling skills and how to make my home studio better (like adding sound panels). Working with clients that are patient, positive, and encouraging are what make my job easier and more enjoyable, which is why I agreed to narrate the sequel, The Sapphire Talisman.

Brenda: Knowing myself and understanding that no one could read The Emerald Talisman as I heard it my head (a billion times), I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have an audio book made. After attending a conference with some big time authors, they shared their opinion of listening to the voices of their audio books. No one was really fond of listening to someone else read their book. This gave me the courage not to alienate readers and have audio books available (Everblue is currently in production). Mary offered her services and I felt her young voice would be a great fit for Julia and I couldn’t be more happier working with her. She, like me, has a tireless appreciation for quality work. Producing the book together was a joy. I’m thrilled she’s going to be reading The Sapphire Talisman.

Photobucket Photobucket

November 11, 2012

What awesome books are released this week?


Black City
by Elizabeth Richards
Expected Publish Date:
November 13, 2012

Publisher's summary: A dark and tender post-apocalyptic love story set in the aftermath of a bloody war

In a city where humans and Darklings are now separated by a high wall and tensions between the two races still simmer after a terrible war, sixteen-year-olds Ash Fisher, a half-blood Darkling, and Natalie Buchanan, a human and the daughter of the Emissary, meet and do the unthinkable--they fall in love. Bonded by a mysterious connection that causes Ash's long-dormant heart to beat, Ash and Natalie first deny and then struggle to fight their forbidden feelings for each other, knowing if they're caught, they'll be executed--but their feelings are too strong.

When Ash and Natalie then find themselves at the center of a deadly conspiracy that threatens to pull the humans and Darklings back into war, they must make hard choices that could result in both their deaths.

by J.A. Souders
Expected Publish Date:
November 13, 2012

Publisher's summary: Since the age of three, sixteen-year-old Evelyn Winters has trained to be Daughter of the People in the underwater utopia known as Elysium. Selected from hundreds of children for her ideal genes, all her life she’s believed that everything is perfect. Her world. Her people. The Law.

But when Gavin Hunter, a Surface Dweller, accidentally stumbles into Elysium’s secluded little world, Evelyn comes to a startling realization: Everything she knows is a lie.

Her memories have been altered.

Her mind and body aren’t under her own control.

And the person she knows as Mother is a monster.

Together with Gavin she plans her escape, only to learn that her own mind is a ticking time bomb...and Mother has one last secret that will destroy them all.

by Ally Condie
Expected Publish Date:
November 13, 2012

Publisher's summary: After leaving Society and desperately searching for the Rising—and each other—Cassia and Ky have found what they were looking for, but at the cost of losing each other yet again: Cassia has been assigned to work for the Rising from within Society, while Ky has been stationed outside its borders. But nothing is as predicted, and all too soon the veil lifts and things shift once again.

In this gripping conclusion to the #1 New York Times-bestselling Matched Trilogy, Cassia will reconcile the difficulties of challenging a life too confining, seeking a freedom she never dreamed possible, and honoring a love she cannot live without.

by Alexander Gordon Smith
Expected Publish Date:
November 13, 2012

Publisher's summary: Alex Sawyer has escaped his underground nightmare to discover the whole world has become a prison, and Alfred Furnace is its master. Monsters rule the streets, leaving nothing but murder in their wake. Those who do not die become slaves to Furnace’s reign of cruelty. Alex is a monster too. He is the only one who can stop Furnace but in doing so he could destroy everything. Is he the executed or the executioner? Who will die? All Alex knows is that one way or another, it all ends now.

by Alyson Noël
Expected Publish Date:
November 13, 2012

Publisher's summary: Enchanting, haunting, romantic, Echo is the second book in the Soul Seekers series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Alyson Noël!

Daire Santos just saved her grandmother's life—and her soul. But at a cost. The Richters, a dark family of sorcerers, have been let loose in the Lowerworld, and Daire and her boyfriend, Dace, must once again work together to find them before they upset the balance between good and evil, and destroy not only their small town in New Mexico, but the entire world.

As Daire and Dace's relationship deepens, Dace’s evil brother Cade grows stronger than ever, building his power and forcing Daire to confront the horrifying prophecy that has brought them all together. One that will leave Daire no choice but to claim her true destiny as Seeker, but only by making an unthinkable sacrifice for the greater good of all.

Witch World
by Christopher Pike
Expected Publish Date:
November 13, 2012

Publisher's summary: Witches are real—and each of us may be one—in this all-new paranormal suspense novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christopher Pike.

Heading off for a weekend in Las Vegas with her friends, Jessie Ralle has only one worry—how to make it through the road trip in the same car with her Ex, Jimmy Kelter. The guy who broke her heart five months ago when he dumped her for no reason. The guy who’s finally ready to tell her why he did it, because he wants her back.

But what Jessie doesn’t realize is that Jimmy is the least of her problems.

In Las Vegas she meets Russ, a mesmerizing stranger who shows her how to gamble, and who never seems to lose. Curious, Jessie wants to know his secret, and in response, alone in his hotel room, he teaches her a game that opens a door to another reality.

To Witch World.

Suddenly Jessie discovers that she’s stumbled into a world where some people can do the impossible, and others may not even be human. For a time she fears she’s lost her mind. Are there really witches? Is she one of them?

Bad Hair Day
by Carrie Harris
Expected Publish Date:
November 13, 2012

Publisher's summary: Kate Grable is geeked out to shadow the county medical examiner as part of her school's premed program. But after he's arrested for murder, she's left with the bodies. And when Kate's brother, Jonah, stumbles upon a dead gamer girl, Kate realizes that the zombie epidemic she cured last fall was only the beginning of the weirdness taking over her town. Someone—or something—is murdering kids. Something really hairy. And strong. Possibly with claws.

Could it be werewolves, like Jonah and his dorktastic friends think? Kate's supposed to be a butt-kicking, zombie-killing genius . . . but if she can't figure out what's behind the freakish attacks, the victims—or what's left of them—are going to keep piling up.


November 8, 2012

Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

Publisher's summary: It's been months since Aria learned of her mother's death.

Months since Perry became Blood Lord of the Tides, and months since Aria last saw him.

Now Aria and Perry are about to be reunited. It's a moment they've been longing for with countless expectations. And it's a moment that lives up to all of them. At least, at first. Then it slips away. The Tides don't take kindly to former Dwellers like Aria. And the tribe is swirling out of Perry's control. With the Aether storms worsening every day, the only remaining hope for peace and safety is the Still Blue. But does this haven truly exist?

Threatened by false friends and powerful temptations, Aria and Perry wonder, Can their love survive through the ever night? In this second book in her spellbinding Under the Never Sky trilogy, Veronica Rossi combines fantasy and sci-fi elements to create a captivating adventure—and a love story as perilous as it is unforgettable.


My take: Just like the first, I absolutely loved this book! But I’m actually quite pissed off with Veronica Rossi because of the way this book ended, and I’m desperately, impatiently waiting for the last book in this trilogy.

I don’t know if I could say that this book was better than the first, because I love them both in different ways. But this continuation of the story only made me more of an obsessive fan. Through the Ever Night doesn’t quite pick up right from the end of Under the Never Sky, but it picks up right at the perfect spot. I absolutely love how the beginning played out, and I’m now smiling just thinking about it again. But almost immediately, Veronica Rossi starts throwing in plot complications left and right that keep the story quite entertaining.

I grew even more attached to the characters in this second book than I already was after reading Under the Never Sky. Particularly Roar! I liked Roar from Under the Never Sky, but I fell for his character big time in Through the Ever Night. I’m still very fond of both Aria and Perry, but there were times they each made me a little nervous because I did not always agree with their actions. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there’s a character I wanted to learn more about from UtNS who makes an appearance in TtEN, and that part in this book was CRAZY!!! Then there’s this new chick in TtEN who’s thrown into the mix who causes all sorts of complications! And I can’t forget that there’s a character from the first book who I (surprisingly) ended up liking by the end of this second book (another spoiler that I will not divulge), and they might end up being one of my fave characters.

The last part of the book was phenomenally insane! It was intense and action-packed, all the while pissing me off with how the story was going. The whole book was absolutely amazing; I’m super excited for the last book in this trilogy, and Veronica Rossi just gained a major fan of her series.

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