January 11, 2013

Blogger Best Friend Friday Feature! Kristina's World of Books


I haven’t done this feature in a really long time, so I think this month is the perfect time to feature Kristina of Kristina’s World of Books!

I first met Kristina in 2011 at the Smart Chicks Kick It tour in Seattle. There were a lot of really awesome authors at that tour stop, and there were a ton of other people at that event too. And, with us being big-time readers, Kristina and I had a lot of books to get signed. So instead of just standing in the never-ending long line, we sat on the sidelines waiting for an end in sight. While we waited, we started to chat and that’s when I first got to know Kristina!

In the pic Tiffany, Mindy, Jaime & Kristina at Smart Chicks Kick It!

Almost immediately after that Seattle trip, I started regularly talking with Kristina on Twitter and regularly stalking her blog. Before I knew it, it got to the point where I would call her a friend. And even though I already thought Kristina was awesome, by the time I actually realized how unbelievably sweet-hearted of a friend she is, out of the blue I received a package in the mail from her! She sent me a few books she thought I’d like, including a couple of signed copies of The Mortal Instruments! Isn’t that awesome? Then on several occasions she’s gotten books signed for me at a few of the many events she’s attended! And when John Green had some signed copies of The Fault in Our Stars floating around out there, and I was searching and searching for a copy (and she knew it), she got me a copy! That’s what I call a totally, AWESOMELY AMAZING Blogger Best Friend!

The reason I thought this month would be the perfect time to feature Kristina is because she’s expecting a little Kristina into her World of Books and The Bean is due this month! Check out her post Blogging Hiatus to learn all about it! And it would be totally awesome if you all would stop by Kristina’s blog or tweet her to congratulate her on this new chapter in her and her husband’s life! Congrats Kristina!

Find Kristina Here!

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Have you met Kristina yet?


Candace said...

I went to a Dark Days event in Seattle in 2011! It was in Jan. Was it the same one with Kimberly Derting, Cynthia Hand and some others?
I love getting to know bloggers to where I can call them my friend. I have gone to several events in Seattle but haven't met Kristina yet. I don't know her online though, so I guess I better fix that!

Amy said...

What a great post. I don't know Kristina, but I am hoping over to her blog as soon as I am done commenting here. I am going to the Dark Days event in my area in Feb. and I hope I meet some other bloggers. :)

Kristina said...

You are too sweet Mindy :)

ptc said...

This is amazing !

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