August 1, 2013

Authors Are Rockstars Kicks Off & Giveaway!


We are so unbelievably thrilled to kick off the first day of the 2nd Annual Authors Are Rockstars Tour here on our blogs Magical Urban Fantasy Reads, Fiktshun, and Two Chicks on Books.

This year's event is even more packed full of awesome than last year's event, with 166 authors on tour throughout the month of August. We're super excited to welcome back many of last year's favorites and get a chance to put a number of new participants in the spotlight.

The tour will officially begin in three hours where we'll be hosting the first of our authors - Rachel Vincent (at Fiktshun), Page Morgan (at Two Chicks on Books) and Andrea Cremer (at Magical Urban Fantasy Reads).

As these three authors are some of our very most favorites, we are incredibly honored to be able to host them on our blogs and share with our readers just why we think they're rockstars.

When we kicked off the event last year we had just 96 participating authors, but by the tour's end we had 102. So it's still possible that there may be some new adds along the way again this year.

Most days will have either five or six authors being hosted. Some days even have seven. Only the first and last days of the month will spotlight just three authors on our blogs.

If you'd like to check out the full schedule, CLICK HERE or click the button in the sidebar.

The month will feature some amazing guest posts and interviews by the rockstar authors on tour. Some blog hosts will even be sharing reviews along with their posts. There are also a number of awesome giveaways being hosted thanks to the authors, publishers or blog hosts. So you won't want to miss any of the stops on tour this month.

At every stop the blog host will be talking a little bit about why they think their author is a rockstar and we can't wait to find out just what they have to say. While we get a chance to peek at most of the authors' posts, what the bloggers say will be a complete surprise.

Once again the generosity of the amazing team at Harlequin Teen is astounding. And we cannot thank them enough for supporting every single one of their authors on this tour.

We are also so very grateful to each of the authors who have donated their time to be a part of this event. Without them we wouldn't even have an event. And we want to give an extra thanks to those who have offered up something for giveaway as it is above and beyond anything we'd asked for.

And last, but definitely not least, we want to thank the bloggers who will be hosting the authors throughout the month. Their participation in this event is an integral part of why this is such a success and we are so very honored that they've signed up to be a part of our tour.

But in order to kick this event off right we are once again hosting a few month-long giveaways. This year, however, we've decided to host each of the giveaways on our respective sites. So if you want to enter to win what's up for grabs by Fiktshun and Two Chicks on Books, you'll have to check out their kick-off posts.

But to give just a tease of what Rachel at Fiktshun is offering, think signed books and Authors Are Rockstars swag. You can check out her giveaway, HERE..

And if late summer/early fall ARCs and swag are what you're looking for, then visit Jaime at Two Chicks on Books. You can check out her giveaway, HERE.

And if you want to know what I have for giveaway... well... just keep scrolling down for the pics and the deets.

Thank you so much for stopping by to help kick off the 2nd Annual Authors Are Rockstars Tour. If you're looking to check out the first three authors on tour be sure to come back at Midnight, Pacific!


I'm hosting 2 different Giveaways!

U.S. shipping only!
2 Winners will receive a BOX of ARCs. A lot of the ARCs will be already released books but you'll get a lot! Basically, as many as I can fit in the box! Just enter to win through this Rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

International Shipping EXCLUDING U.S. Shipping
I didn't want to leave the International peeps out, so I'm giving away 1 copy of a book of the winner's choice from ANY author on the tour! This giveaway is open International shipping to anywhere that Book Depository ships, excluding US shipping. Just enter to win through this Rafflecopter!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Lizzy said...

It's awesome of you to do something special for the international book lovers. :)

Katrina @ Bookish Things said...

Y'all are seriously awesome for putting this whole thing together. I can't wait to see all of the authors participating. :D

Steph said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway Mindy! I can't wait to follow along with this tour! :)

Jessica Hansen said...

*cough cough* LOVE THIS!!

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