December 24, 2014

Top 10 of 2014: Top 10 Books that caused me insane emotion + Giveaway!

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Books that caused me insane emotion!


The Sea of Tranquility
by Katja Millay
The emotion: Ugly Cry

The characters in this book are extremely well developed. I sensed this book was going to be a major snot fest, but I wasn't prepared for the bomb that was dropped and how it would unfold. EPIC!


In The Afterlight
by Alexandra Bracken

The emotions: Tears of joy, tears of despair, love and anxiety

One of my favorite moments, and one that had me in tears, was when the characters are reconnected with another character from the previous two books.  I'm trying to avoid spoilers here. This book was a roller coaster of emotions. There were moments of anxiety, despair, tingles, happiness, heartbreak and love. I absolutely loved this book.


Ignite Me
by Tahereh Mafi

The emotions: HAWT, excitement, irritation and anger

My emotions ran really hot and really cold with this book. Tahereh is amazing at connecting with the character's emotions in her writing and this book is no exception. I was glued to this book from the moment I started reading. I loved what she did with Warner and Juliette's relationship, and I was extremely happy for "most" of the characters and the way the story ended. But the one thing that really bothered me was that I really do not like what Tahereh did to Adam's character.  I don't believe he was the same character from the first book. This Adam was mean, hurtful and I just did not like it one bit.


All Our Yesterdays
by Cristin Terrill

The emotions: Intensity, anxiety and excitement but then disappointment

This book was INTENSE! I loved it!  But there is one thing that I found extremely bothersome, and it still bugs me...and that’s when I found out there will not be a second book. Grrrrr!!! It's still worth reading! So good!


The Kiss of Deception
by Mary E. Pearson

The emotions: On edge then pissed off! a good way. ;)

This book was fun following the romance that was developing, and exciting trying to determine who the bad guy was. Mary had me all backwards. Then my heart was ripped out when a certain someone is killed. This character is not a character that we know, but you can just feel the pain of loss. And when the betrayer was finally revealed, I think I flipped my lid. It pissed me the eff off...especially by how it all goes down! I wanted to scream at the book. I'm pretty sure I sent a text to my bookish friends saying, "WTF???" Or . . . something along those lines.


World After
by Susan Ee

The emotion: Mind boggled (is that an emotion? lol)

For those of you that have read either the first book in this series or both, you will know the craziness. Susan's brain is brilliant but a little cuckoo! These books are beyond bizarre; they’re intense but insanely good!


The One
by Kiera Cass

The emotions: Happy then mad

This book was all good with all the warm fuzzies like the previous books. Kiera even succeeded in making my favorite character in this book a character that I absolutely hated from the previous books! But my insane reaction came when that particular character ***** [spoiler]. Yeah I was mad!!! I was so ticked off! Why???


Sisters' Fate
by Jessica Spotswood

The emotion: Insanity

From the previous books we knew where this might possibly be headed, but when it all played out I had no idea that my reaction would be that significant. It was so unbelievably sad! And everything that happened throughout the end in this book was pure craziness.


Famous Last Words
by Katie Alender

The emotion: The heebie-jeebies

I'm actually surprised how much I really liked this book! It was a creepy feeling I kept getting while reading. I will never look at a puddle of water the same.


Plus One
by Elizabeth Fama

The emotion: Irritation

You might find this weird, but this one is all about the kidnappings. I expected irrational behavior from the mothers who had their babies kidnapped, especially since there were several kidnappings. But it just didn't happen the way I'd expected.  I mean, I know that a mom's emotions toward her baby are like a bear’s emotions toward her cub . . . and if you mess with the cub, the claws are coming out and there is no strategy whatsoever in the protective reaction of momma bear . . . it's just pure venomous anger, vicious hate and irrational action!  But since I didn't see the type of behavior I would expect from a mother, I felt this book was not earning the love and attention from me then it might otherwise have deserved. I think I might have given it 5 stars if this didn't bother me so much.

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Unknown said...

Loved Ignite Me! I was happy with everything although I wish there had been more resolution for Adam. Most of these I still need to read especially The Sea of Tranquility. I hear it's amazing! Thanks for stopping by my Best Older Books I Read in 2014

Melissa @thereaderandthechef said...

What, what happens in The One?! I'm super curious about that series but I've somehow managed to keep myself in the dark after all these years. I only know that I should and probably will be Team Maxon haha :)
Awesome list and thanks so much for the giveaway!

Unknown said...

I haven't read The Sea of Tranquility, but I just know it's going to make me an emotional wreck. It sounds amazing! I haven't read World After either, but my friend recently read it. She said she wanted to curl up into a little ball because it was so intense. :D Sisters' Fate was one of my favorites of the year. It made me really sad too. :(

Unknown said...

This is such a great topic choice for a top 10! I can't wait to read Sea of Tranquility... I've been hearing such great things!! Happy Holidays :D

Zed said...

World After was very emotional for me too, love the choices although I need to add most of them to my TBR pile.

Aleksandra said...

I didn't know we could've choose any topic... Oh, well, no matter, I did a list of my fav adult books I read in 2014. Next year, something else ;)

As for your list, I haven't actually read any of these books, but most of them I want to read, so great list!

Lis said...

Oooooh, great topic! I almost did one like this.
I adored All Our Yesterdays, and The Sea of Tranquility, and I loved almost all of them!

Melissas Eclectic Bookshelf said...

I was luke warm about plus One but I so agree about All Our Yesterdays and The Sea of Tranquility!

Jackie said...

I can't wait to read World After by Susan Ee and In The Afterlight.

Julie@My5monkeys said...

I adore this list and the books on it :)

Teresa Mary Rose said...

Oh I recently reread The Sea of Tranquility and it broke me all over again. I just love that book. And Ignite Me caused a bunch of feels too. I like to think though that post Ignite Me world Adam goes back to being the guy we first met. I really think he was just hurt and lashing out in this one (which is kinda understandable) but that with time he lets go of that but that could be my wishful thinking haha. Great list!

Karen said...

TSoT was one of the few books the trade me cry. It was really intense. It took me weeks to recover. lol

Karen @ For What It's Worth

Alyssa said...

Obviously I need to read In the Afterlight soon. I LOVED The Darkest Minds and Never Fade. So. Will do soon! Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy holidays :)

Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

The Cover Contessa said...

All Our Yesterdays killed me. And THEN she goes and decides NOT to write book #2. UGH!!!! She did a short, but it just didn't fill the gap for me. But I loved it so much!

Unknown said...

I have to say Heart of Light left me really emotional this year. The story is about human trafficking so I was really angry at the ring masters. But also I was disappointed with the female character. This is a great list and there are so many on here that I plan to read soon. Have a great Christmas!

Mary Preston said...

THE BOOK THIEF made me cry at the end. That's great reading.

Fiktshun said...

OMG wait, what? There won't be a sequel to All Our Yesterdays? No way!!!!! I had been waiting on the sequel. CRUSHED! When I read it there was going to be a sequel. Just checked GR. Seems there's a short story that was pubbed in July that takes place 9 months later. Going to try and find it....

erin said...

Unfortunately I fell really short reading what I wanted and my TBR pile :( But I was really wanting to read SNOW LIKE ASHES by Sara Raasch so that's what I picked :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Doctor's Notes said...

Awesome lidt. I still have to read so many books on this list. Thanks for stopping by.

Holly said...

Probably Ten Tiny Breaths, because I found the story and characters so relatable, and it dealt with tragedy and grief, which always makes me ugly cry.

La La in the Library said...

Gates of Thread and Stone by Lori M. Lee was the only book that made me full on snot cry this year. What the MC's love interest goes tbrough at the end was agonizing for my reading soul, then when that is finished the author turns around and punches you in the gut again! Thanks again for hopping by my blog, and for this Stellar giveaway. In the After Light would definitely be my choice because I have the first two and then I could just binge read them all. I love doing that.

Camille Flores said...

So many books this year: there's Jellicoe Road & The Piper's Son by Melina Marchetta and The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher, among others. :)

Yun-A said...

I think it would have to be On the Jellicoe Road. It was so good, and kinda like a long rollercoaster ride.

Eugenia said...

There have definitely been a lot of tearjerkers this year, but Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang is definitely high on the list - it had a devastating plotline that was so beautifully written at the same time.

Eugenia @ Genie In A Book

Britt said...

Heir of fire for sure since i'm just so invested in these characters!
~Britt @ please feed the bookworm

Jade/Jadine Ngan said...

All The Light We Cannot See was my absolute favorite this year.

Anubha said...

Maybe Someday was the emotional roller coaster for me.
And Happily Murdered's ending made me cry (which is very rare. I don't really cry while reading
) the plot was so beautifully written that it made me hate the protagonist but the End oh my! I cried because I was sad that I hated her till the end but she was not et all the one who deserves anybody's hate. :(

Maisha said...

I think mine was The Fault in Our Stars because the ending was just so sad :(

Thanks for the giveaway! :)

Unknown said...

Also, to answer your question, Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern cause me done serious feels!

Unknown said...

That book that caused me the most emotion would probably be a toss up between We Were Liars, The Fault In Our Stars, Even In Paradise, and yes most definitely The Bone Season and The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon. Oh my god, with those books...I can't even! :)

Steph said...

I'd have to go with either The Warrior by Jessica Scott or Empower by Jessica Shirvington. They were both series Enders - so, of course, the entire book (especially the endings) really made me an emotional wreck. I still loved them though!!

One Tick to Be Sick said...

I read Stella Bain by Anita Shreve. It just made me a wreck. I seriously went through all the emotions. Mostly that of dread and empathy and just sadness, but I can't say I didn't feel the "good" emotions too!

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