April 3, 2011

The Coven by Cate Tiernan

The Coven (Wicca, #2)

Goodreads Summary:  Morgan's powers are stronger than she ever imagined. She has visions, she lights fires with her mind, and her spells work miracles. When her boyfriend Cal, a member of the same coven, insists that witchcraft is in her blood, Morgan is confused. Her parents definitely aren't witches. They do seem to be keeping something secret, though-something about Morgan's past.


My take:  Once again, a quick, easy and entertaining read! I love books like this. Cate Tiernan gets strait to the story, no extra details to skim through and only 185 pages.

The part that really intrigued me; is reading from a perspective of someone that has been betrayed and lied to by the people she loves when a shocking secret is revealed. Worst of all, she doesn’t have her best friend to confide in.

Morgan’s best friend Bree is a spoiled, selfish, little brat! The one and only time Bree doesn’t get what she wants; she turns on her best friend and becomes a “Mean Girl”.

WELL, Morgan has someone new to confide in. She can now confide in Cal, her new boyfriend. The very boy that every girl has been drooling over. The boy that introduced Morgan to witchcraft. The boy that caused the rift in Morgan and Bree’s friendship. And, Morgan’s first kiss! I am not sure about Cal, I am wondering if he is someone Morgan should trust. His mom seems pretty cool.

Anyways, about the witchcraft; when they perform a circle, it reminds me a lot like meditation. I could see that even if someone believed in wicca, it would be natural to be at peace when performing this ritual.

Overall, I loved the storyline. I could not pry my eyes from this book the moment I started reading (other than going to the restroom…sorry for that mental picture and yes I always wash my hands. LOL). So I read the whole book last night while my neighbor’s dog wouldn’t stop barking.

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Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

While I've yet to read this, I do have it on my shelf. Thanks for reminding me WHY I wanted to read it.

Anonymous said...

Looks interestig, like you say i like books easy to read and with a good story.

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