May 30, 2012

Awesome Interview w/ Bree Despain & Giveaway of The Savage Grace *signed*

On Thursday last week, I attended A Very Steamy Evening at Books Inc. Having Bree Despain, Cynthia Hand and Brodi Ashton at one event alone totally rocks! But, as always, Maggie over at Books Inc. rocked the party! That girl really knows how to throw an awesome event. To make the event even better, Maggie gave some of my awesome Blogger BFs and myself an opportunity to personally interview the authors! Doesn't that TOTALLY ROCK? So I had the opportunity to sit with Bree in a little corner in the back room and drill her with a few questions. And let me tell you, Bree is super sweet and super awesome! I'm more than thrilled to have been given the opportunity to do this, thanks Maggie and thanks Bree!


Here is my Q&;A with Bree Despain. Head on over to Two Chicks on Books to check out their interview with Cynthia Hand and over to Tater's Tall Tails for the interview with Brodi Ashton.

Mindy: While writing The Dark Divine, did you always plan to write the story as a trilogy?

Bree: At first I saw the book as a stand alone, but one of my mentors suggested that I leave the book open ended enough so it would have series potential. That way the book could be satisfying on its own, but have room to grow if my publisher (and readers) wanted it to. Luckily, my publisher asked for a second book. However, when I started writing the second book, I realized I couldn’t finish Grace and Daniel’s story in only two books. There were so many more things I wanted to do with the characters and storyline than I could fit in just that second book! I decided to end the second book with a pretty big cliffhanger in the hopes that my publisher would ask for a third book. And sure enough, two weeks after I turned in the manuscript for book two, they asked for a third. I am so happy about that. Book three, THE SAVAGE GRACE, is my favorite in the series.

Mindy: From the beginning, did you already know what would happen with the characters and how the story would end?

Bree: I always knew how the story would end between the three main characters. I didn’t know exactly how I was going to get them there, but I always had the image of what would happen between the three of them in my head.

Mindy: Do any of your characters remind you of someone you know now or knew from your past? And how did you come up with your characters and their names?

Bree: The first book in the series, THE DARK DIVINE, was initially inspired by something that actually happened to me. When I was a little girl, I was good friends with a neighbor boy. We played together all the time until his family moved across the country in the second grade. I figured I would never see him again, but then one day when I was in the ninth grade, I went into my history class and found this rough looking guy sitting in the seat behind mine. He had long hair that hid his face, was drug addict-skinny, and his clothes were ripped and rumpled. He made me nervous but I figured that if I didn’t bother him, he wouldn’t bother me. Wrong! The second I sat down, he started hassling me. I finally got so annoyed, I turned around and said, “Who the hell do you think you are?” He looked up at me then and asked, “So you don’t recognize me then?” That’s when I realized that this guy was actually my old best friend. But before I could say anything else, he got kicked out of class. And I never saw him again. (He got kicked out of school that same day, and he never came back.)

For a long time, I was haunted by this encounter. I couldn’t stop wondering what had happened to him to change him so much from the boy I’d known. And I couldn’t stop wondering where he went after that day, or what might have become of him. Or what might have happened to me if he hadn’t disappeared again. I eventually forgot about him until about ten years later when I was driving down the street and I suddenly remembered this strange encounter. Then a conversation between a brother and a sister started playing in my head. The brother was warning his sister to stay away from an old friend of theirs who had returned after having disappeared 3 years ago. “He’s dangerous. You have to stay away from him. He isn’t the person he used to be,” the brother kept saying. I knew the brother had some sort of secret he wasn’t sharing with the sister, and I knew she wouldn’t be able to stay away from the friend. I had to figure out what was going on with these people, so I went home and started writing down their conversation in a notebook—and just kept going until I’d written THE DARK DIVINE.

Mindy: How long did it take you to write each book in The Dark Divine trilogy?

Bree: The first book took 4 years on and off, so probably about 2 ½ years of actually working on it.

For the 2nd book, I was given 4 months to write it. (But I pushed it to about 6 months.)

I was told I had 3 months to write the 3rd book, but I knew I couldn’t do the book justice (for myself or for my readers) in that short amount of time, so I insisted on taking longer. It probably took me about 8 months to write the first draft.

Mindy: How are your wolves different from “typical” werewolves?

Bree: My werewolf mythology was inspired by an old court document from the 16th Century I found while researching. It told a story about a man who was accused of being a werewolf and was facing a death sentence by stoning. However, instead of trying to fight their accusations, he stood up in court and said that he was indeed a werewolf—but that the town didn’t understand what werewolves really were. He claimed that werewolves were invented to protect humans from demons and monsters, and if the town killed him, they would no longer be protected. The court decided to let him go (just in case he was telling the truth) and he escaped being stoned to death. I thought this was a really clever twist on typical “werewolves are evil” mythology and I decided to expand on this idea. In my books, werewolves were created by God to protect humans from demons—however, they eventually became so prideful of their special abilities that they were corrupted by their power and transformed into monsters even more evil than what they were originally created to destroy. Their blessings became their curse, so to speak. Some of the characters in my books are looking for a way to redeem the werewolves and return them to what they were originally meant to be—the Hounds of Heaven.

Mindy: Now that you are done with your series, do you have plans for a spin-off, or are you currently writing a new book that you can tell us about?

Bree: No plans for a spin-off right now, but I have played with the idea. Currently, I am working on a new book that is slated for publication in Fall 2013. It’s about a demon prince who is sent to the mortal world with 6 months to convince a certain girl to return with him to the Underworld. If he fails, all hell will literally break loose upon the world. But if he succeeds, the girl will die. The complication he didn’t see coming: he falls in love with her—despite not even knowing what love is until now. Now the two must figure out how to either outrun or outsmart their fate.

Mindy: A couple years ago you wrote a short online post about “The real reason Daniel didn’t go after Grace when she found out what he did.” Basically, the story was about Daniel vs. Jace. Do you have anything else out there like that?

Bree: Ha ha. That was a fun story I wrote for some bloggers—but it doesn’t really fit into the Dark Divine canon. I do have an eBook short
story called “The Lost Letters of Gabriel.” It is a collection of letters that tell the story of how Gabriel (Daniel and Grace’s mentor) became a werewolf. It also gives some interesting insights on my werewolf mythology. The eBook can be found for only $1.99 on Amazon or Barnes & Noble —and all of my proceeds go to a charity called Kids Need to Read!


The Dark Divine trilogy!
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Grace Divine, daughter of the local pastor, always knew something terrible happened the night Daniel Kalbi disappeared--the night she found her brother Jude collapsed on the porch, covered in blood--but she has no idea what a truly monstrous secret that night held.

The memories her family has tried to bury resurface when Daniel returns, three years later, and enrolls in Grace and Jude's high school. Despite promising Jude she'll stay away, Grace cannot deny her attraction to Daniel's shocking artistic abilities, his way of getting her to look at the world from new angles, and the strange, hungry, glint in his eyes.

The closer Grace gets to Daniel, the more she jeopardizes her life, as her actions stir resentment in Jude and drive him to embrace the ancient evil Daniel unleashed that horrific night. Grace must discover the truth behind the boys' dark secret...and the cure that can save the ones she loves. But she may have to lay down the ultimate sacrifice to do it--her soul.

The non-stop sequel to The Dark Divine delivers an even hotter romance and more thrilling action than Bree Despain's first novel. Grace Divine made the ultimate sacrifice to cure Daniel Kalbi. She gave her soul to the wolf to save him and lost her beloved mother. When Grace receives a haunting phone call from Jude, she knows what she must do. She must become a Hound of Heaven. Desparate to find Jude, Grace befriends Talbot - a newcomer to town who promises her that he can help her be a hero. But as the two grow closer, the wolf grows in Grace, and her relationship with Daniel begins to crumble. Unaware of the dark path she is walking, Grace becomes prideful in her new abilities - not realizing that an old enemy has returned and deadly trap is about to be sprung. Readers, raveous for more Grace and Daniel, will be itching to sink their teeth into The Lost Saint.

Grace's life is a mess. Daniel is still a werewolf, Talbot can't be trusted, and Caleb is still out there. With Sirhan's impending death, war seems imminent. Will Grace give in to the wolf to save her family? What will happen to Daniel . . . and can their love survive one last test?


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Unknown said...

I loved this interview! You girls get the coolest events. I really enjoyed the story that inspired Bree. And I wonder what ever happened to that boy. So sad.
Thanks for sharing, doll!

Stephanie said...

Wow, Bree's encounter with her neighbor/friend so many later years is so strange and sad...and such an interesting inspiration for the book. It certainly helped her create a great character!

Emily Blake said...

Haha I liked that pcture of you interviewing her. You looked so serious with your clipboard and all. Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway! :)

Amy said...

Great interview!! I love the pics!! I haven't read this series yet, but I am convinced that I need to after reading this. What a crazy story about that boy. Hope everything worked out for him.

Bri said...

Awesome interview!! I love hearing how authors come up with story ideas, and the fact that she based it on her own experiences is even cooler! Thanks for the great giveaway!!! :)

Kristina said...

I have seen this series a lot while in bookstores, but have always passed over it, now you have me really intrigued and I want to give this series a try.

Lea Krnjeta said...

Love the interview.

Anonymous said...

What an exciting interview!! I did all 5:)

Vivien said...

I participated in the event for the Lost Letters. Loved them. I really hope Bree releases another novella or short from this world!!! *crossing fingers*

Anonymous said...

I really want to read this series. Thanks for the giveaway.

PuttPutt1198Eve said...

I think the fact that you pulled your ideas about werewolf mythology from an actual document from the 16th century is fascinating! I enjoy writing but only nonfiction because I like the process of researching. You never know what you might find in the next piece of paper!

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed the story of the origination of her inspiration. I never bothered to read the second or third book but after that story I just have to read them. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I wanna interview an author in person :) I'm jealous!! And how did I miss a WEREWOLF BOOK!! Lol I'm on it, getting them I mean lol

Julie@My5monkeys said...

Great interview with Bree and that evening looks like blast :) Sorry I missed going to it . dang that family LOL

Alba said...

I've been told this books are AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!
I saw the spanish edition in a local bookstore but I don't like reading translated editions :'( and they told me they weren't bringing the english one any time soon so I'm saving $$ to get them...
it seems like saving is my perpetual state :D
Awesome interview...though I was scared of reading some Q&A because I want to dive into the books without much about the story in my mind :D

Jaime said...

You did an awesome job with the interview!! :)We had an awesome time!

Unknown said...

whoa i love this cover..very excotic...
pls pls enter me..wish i win this book...

thanks for the giveaway ^^

maggie said...

Great interview, Mindy! It was great to see you!

Andra said...

What a weird - but cool - encounter Bree Despain had with her childhood friend in 9th grade that inspired her to write The Dark Divine. I absolutely love to read about stuff like that! ;)

Maidenveil said...

Great interview! I love the Dark Divine trilogy, and I would love to see a spin-off too. But the one Bree is working on sounds really interesting!

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