July 13, 2013

Invisibility by Andrea Cremer & David Levithan

Publisher's summary: A magical romance between a boy cursed with invisibility and the one girl who can see him, by New York Times bestselling authors Andrea Cremer and David Levithan.

Stephen is used to invisibility. He was born that way. Invisible. Cursed.

Elizabeth sometimes wishes for invisibility. When you’re invisible, no one can hurt you. So when her mother decides to move the family to New York City, Elizabeth is thrilled. It’s easy to blend in there.

Then Stephen and Elizabeth meet. To Stephen’s amazement, she can see him. And to Elizabeth’s amazement, she wants him to be able to see her—all of her. But as the two become closer, an invisible world gets in their way—a world of grudges and misfortunes, spells and curses. And once they’re thrust into this world, Elizabeth and Stephen must decide how deep they’re going to go—because the answer could mean the difference between love and death.

From the critically acclaimed and bestselling authors Andrea Cremer, who wrote the Nightshade series, and David Levithan, who wrote Every Day and co-wrote Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist with Rachel Cohen and Will Grayson, Will Grayson with John Green, as well as many other novels, comes a remarkable story about the unseen elements of attraction, the mortal risks of making yourself known, and the invisible desires that live within us all.

My take: Invisibility was a fun, fresh and relaxing read, and I adored the story.

I’ve nothing but amazing things to say about David Levithan’s Every Day, and I’m also a huge Andrea Cremer fan, so when I first heard about this book, I was dying to get my hands on a copy.

The only thing I struggled with in this book was wrapping my head around the whole invisibility thing. It was hard for me to make it real in my head when all I kept thinking about was, “How the heck did Stephen’s mom take care of him when he was a baby?!” But enough about that…it’s just a story right?

The romance between Stephen and Elizabeth was heart melting. Their journey to discover why Stephen is the way he is, why only she can see him, and whether there is anything they can do to change his condition was so much fun that I’m smiling even now as I write this. I think the best part of this journey is Laurie. Laurie is Elizabeth’s brother, and he is by far my favorite character.

The overall feel of this book is kind of a contemporary feel, but with a paranormal twist. If you’re looking for a fun, sweet, relaxing, cute and romantic read, then this is the book for you!


Julie@My5monkeys said...

Yes totally agree with this review :) while I loved many things about this book ..it also became predictable . I did the side story too .

Amy said...

This sounds like a book I will really enjoy. I have it, but haven't gotten to it yet. Great review. I'm more excited to read it now.

S. Hauzel Sailo said...

Reads an interesting and meaningful book. I would like to read it twice or more.
Nice share Mindy, cheers!

Unknown said...

From the sounds of this, I think I would really enjoy it. Great review.

Unknown said...

This is a book that proves to be engrossing, fun and poignant as the reader reads each page. The characters are well written and really move the story along. It also provides a mystery of just how things happened to Stephen and what is going to happen next. It also proves to be a hard book to put down once the reader starts it. They will want to see how things turn out for Elizabeth and Stephen and hoping for the very best outcome.

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