November 22, 2013

Introducing Top 10 of 2013 - Sign up now!

WOW! Can you believe ANOTHER year of fabulous books has already flown by?!

Well, I can’t either! But it’s true. And that means it’s time to get ready for another fun filled “Top 10” week where we look back at the best of all things books of 2013, and excitedly look forward to the fabulous new releases in 2014.

Last year, I had a total blast co-hosting the event with some of my favorite bloggers, and this year I know I’ll have just as much fun co-hosting with Rachel from Fiktshun and Jaime from Two Chicks on Books. But unfortunately Lisa from A Life Bound By Books and Jessica from Confessions of a Bookaholic won’t be able to co-host the event this year due to their busy lives. Jaime, Rachel and I will miss them, and we hope they’ll be back co-hosting in 2014!

Now on about the event! We hope you’ll join us for this year’s event because the event is a lot of fun! This year’s “Top 10” event will run for five consecutive days, during the last week of the year. And it will be a glorious 5! days of some of our favorite book-related lists, so we want to invite ALL of YOU to join in on the fun and share your favorite lists with everyone too!

So, make sure you stop by one of the hosting blogs on each day of the event, make sure you share your own favorite list each day in the Linky that will be provided, and make sure you follow the Linky lists that goes up each day to check out other’s lists.

Speaking of lists... here's one for this year’s event

Monday, December 23rd - Best Books I've Read in 2013 (Doesn't have to be released in 2013, just a book you've read in 2013)

Tuesday, December 24th - Best Book Covers of 2013 (MUST be a book released in 2013. Would be best if it's a book you've READ in 2013, but it's not required)

Wednesday, December 25th - Best ________ Of 2013 (Readers/Bloggers choice. Please fill in the blank with one or more of these topics - Villains, Contemporaries, Dual POV's, Novellas, Adult titles, New Adult titles, Love Triangles, Couples, Bad Boys, Debuts, ect. REMEMBER - this list MUST be from books you've READ in 2013)

Thursday, December 27th - Best Book Boyfriends of 2013 (MUST be from a book released in 2013 and from a book you've READ in 2013)

Friday, December 28th - Top 10 Books I'm looking forward to in 2014. (This list should be comprised of books released ONLY in 2014)

How you do these posts/lists is totally up to you . . . the books, covers and characters you pick are all your own.

The only rules you need to follow are:
1) Your post must be “on topic”
2) Your post must be limited to 10 items; and
3) Your post must be posted on the dates we've provided.

Now, I know what you're all thinking, “It will be really difficult to keep my list to only 10 items.” So, some of you might like to break the lists up a bit. For example, . Working with a Top 10 for YA books and then a Top 10 for Adult titles. Feel free to add honorable mentions if you're also having a hard time sticking to 10. However, with the honorable mentions, please try to keep it to a minimum or it kind of defeats the whole purpose of things.

Our main focus of this event is for YOU to join in and share your lists with us all, and for everyone to visit each other’s blogs' and see what books have made it on THEIR lists.

The event is simple. Follow the dates and list topics as provided and fill out the Linky below. This gives us an idea who will be joining us for the Top 10 week. THEN, be sure to come back to one of our blogs on each of the five days and link up your post for that specific day! Just remember, each day will have a linky for THAT Top 10 topic.

Also, you don't want to miss a day during the event. We just might have some giveaways up our sleeves. So participating in the event and keeping up with our and everyone’s lists just might help you enter to win! Additional giveaway details to follow, so keep checking back to find out what we're giving away and when!

And don't forget to snag our button and to help spread the word for the event. We'd love to have anyone and everyone join us this year. The more the merrier!

NOTE: this is the SAME Linky on each of the Co-Hosts Blogs, so please only enter your Name, Blog Name and URL on one blog. Thanks!

We hope that everyone who reads this will be as excited for this event as we are and we can’t wait to check out all of your lists!

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