September 14, 2011

Rylie Gresham - Character Post!

I am pleased to have Rylie Gresham from Six Moon Summer and All Hollows Moon by S.M. Reine, stop by for a character post! So, here she is!

Hey, my name is Rylie Gresham. SM Reine asked me if I could do a guest blog for her today. She said she was too busy to write it herself, although she was kind of vague about it (something to do with a case of red wine and chocolate chip cookie dough).

She wants me to tell you about what happened to me at Camp Silver Brook this summer. I already kind of talked about it in an interview on Coffee Table Reviews yesterday, but I guess she thought I might want to tell you a little more about a guy named Seth. It's really embarrassing. I'd prefer not to. But she's the boss, so here it goes.

You probably heard on the news by now that bears attacked Camp Silver Brook and killed a bunch of people. That's a total lie. I don't know who made that up.

It was actually werewolves.

Hold on, I'm not crazy. Werewolves. I'm serious. If it was the new moon or the full moon, I could turn into a wolf and prove it to you, but-- what, did I not mention that I'm a werewolf now too? Don't go! I'm not going to eat you! I totally have it under control. (Um, mostly.)

But it's not like I got control of this on my own. I couldn't have done it without the help of Seth. He's... well, he's kind of hard to describe. Dark hair. Broad shoulders. Miles and miles of muscly arms. And he's got that smile...

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Seth helped me. He showed up right after I got bitten and had all the answers. It seemed really weird. I mean, who is this guy, right? What kind of teenage boy knows all about werewolf myths? He was really mysterious, and the fact that being around him kills my IQ doesn't help, but I was so scared that I would take any help I could get.

Turns out Seth had a secret of his own. A really big secret. A secret that means we can't be together, no matter how good he looks in a pair of tight jeans.

I'm under control now -- seriously -- and I'm about to go back to high school. That means new pressures, new peers, and new situations in which I have to keep the werewolf quiet. (It has a habit of trying to eat mean girls.) I really wish I had Seth with me, but we kind of went different ways after the summer. I don't know where he is when he's not hanging out with monsters at camp.

I really hope you'll check out what happens to Seth and me this fall in "All Hallows' Moon." It's totally insane. And I promise not to bite.

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Denise Z said...

Thank you for the wonderful character post. I love to read what they have to share:) I also appreciate the awesome giveaway opportunity. This series sounds wonderful.

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