September 14, 2011

BBAW Sept 12-16

I am late in participating in BBAW, but there are a lot of fabulous blogs I know that have totally earned the bragging rights! So here they are:

Two Chicks On BooksFirst up are my favorite bloggers, Patricia and Jaime from Two Chicks on Books! They have been absolutely fabulous. When we first started chatting, on a whim we decided to meet for the first time and travel together to see Melissa Marr! So I experienced my first author signing with my new favorite bloggers! I also found out that Jaime had an ARC that I would roll over and die to read and she was more than willing to let me borrow it. I feel bad because I have been horrible about returning it! But I will be driving to her house this week to deliver it personally. Patricia is a book pusher; if she is passionate about a book, she is the best at cheering that book on. If it wasn't for Patricia, I probably would have put off purchasing the Iron Fey series.

Next, I wanna brag about another fave blogger, Julie from My 5 Monkeys! I look forward to reading her opinion about every book, but because she seems to have the same taste in books as me, I especially like to read her opinion about a book that I really want to read. She also has been very kind to me whenever I have chatted with her. And if she reviews a book that I am interested in, she ALWAYS offers to let me borrow it. She is a blogger who I would totally pimp as being a fave!

The Bookish BabesAnd then there’s Andrea from The Bookish Babes. As far back as the beginning of my book blogging (only 6 months), I feel like she has always been around! I am always confident that she will comment on a review and I feel like we have very similar taste in books. I really like watching her vlogs. She is also a lot of fun to just chat with!

Fiktshun button by parajunkee
Lastly, I have to pimp Rachel from Fiktshun,  Fiktshuns Ramblings and Book Bloggers Corner. She has helped me out tremendously with multiple issues! Whenever I’ve run into something negative in the blogosphere, I’ve run screaming to her for advice and she has always had the best answers for me. I also love reading her Ramblings. They all seem to say the same things that I am thinking! And I am always quick to enter her giveaways!

So that's it for this weeks BBAW!



Unknown said...

That's really sweet! So you've noticed I stalk your blog, huh?! I always enjoy your reviews, I'm just better about remembering to comment now. Thanks so much! You're a real sweetie.

Fiktshun said...

Oh thank you so much. I agree that all those other bloggers are amazing! I love silently stalking them all, and not so silently stalking Jaime and Patricia's! blog.

Glad I can be of help :)

Happy BBAW! You are super appreciated!

Jaime said...

Thank you so very, very much Mindy. I (Jaime is too, I'm sure) am so humbled that you would include us in this awesome post. It means a lot coming from such a great blogger and friend as yourself.

I am so HAPPY that you got The Iron Fey Series. Have you started reading it yet? I guess I can be a bit pushy...LOL. ILY♥

@Fikshun: I love that you're not
silent about stalking us. ;)


@parridhlantern said...

All new to me, Thanks.

Unknown said...

Ooh, good recommendations! I'm going to go check these blogs out. Thanks! :)

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