March 20, 2012

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Publisher's Summary: Embrace the Forbidden

What if there were teens whose lives literally depended on being bad influences?

This is the reality for sons and daughters of fallen angels.

Tenderhearted Southern girl Anna Whitt was born with the sixth sense to see and feel emotions of other people. She's aware of a struggle within herself, an inexplicable pull toward danger, but Anna, the ultimate good girl, has always had the advantage of her angel side to balance the darkness within. It isn't until she turns sixteen and meets the alluring Kaidan Rowe that she discovers her terrifying heritage and her willpower is put to the test. He's the boy your daddy warned you about. If only someone had warned Anna.

Forced to face her destiny, will Anna embrace her halo or her horns?
My Take: This book was more than amazing for more than a few reasons! I don’t think I can put into words exactly how awesome this book is…I just don’t think I can do it justice, not by a long shot! Normally I would wait till the end of my review to say whether or not I would recommend a book. But I need to say NOW, up front, that you need to pre-order this book…LIKE RIGHT NOW…even before you finish reading my review, dang it! In fact, even though I’ve already read Sweet Evil, I’m pre-ordering my finished copy today! And I’m going to stalk Wendy Higgins’ blog to wait for any updates on book signings…because I’m in major need of an autographed copy. And I have a feeling that I’ll be busting down doors to force this book on everyone I know.

I’m freaking obsessed with this book, in a very non-healthy way! The moment I picked up Sweet Evil I was immediately sucked in, so much so that I would get irritated whenever I needed to put the book down…for any reason! Normal stuff to survive was getting in the way of my precious moments with this dang book, like going to the restroom or sitting down to eat dinner with my family, or even when my husband asked if I’d watch a movie with him…and boy was I pissed off because the movie was awful and it kept me from reading Sweet Evil! So I think I was up until 4am, determined to finish it. It took all my will power to not skip to the end and find out how this book ends. And I’m so happy that I didn’t because I would be beating myself up now if I did.

I absolutely adore some of the multiple characters in this book! I loved how sweet, innocent, honest and pure Anna is. Normally I’d think that a main character that is "that good” would get on my nerves, but her virtue, mixed with her personality, was just the perfect combination. She can't even tell a lie for crying out loud! Anna rocks! And Patti, Anna’s adopted mother, is the very definition of the sweetest mother on earth. Jay, Anna’s best friend, is an all-around good guy who’d drop anything for Anna, and he needs her as much as she needs him. And even Anna’s dad is kick *ss! There are also these four Nephilim that come into the story later that I heart! And then there is Kaidan! Yummy!!! *drool* He is for sure up there with my all-time-favorite fictional boyfriends! Hello, he’s a drummer in a popular local band and he’s the son of the demon hmmmm you will have to read and find out! I really truly cannot pinpoint a single fictional character that I’m more attracted to! But just as much as I adore some of the characters, I’m just as horrified by some others…like the demons! And boy, are they sick, twisted and evil. Just thinking about them makes me cringe.

The romance in Sweet Evil is the very definition of the title! It is sweet, evil, hot, intense, heart melting and heart breaking. Even though the story between the insanely intense romance scenes was more than awesome and compelling, the whole time I could only think about, and crave for, more of those intense romance scenes! I’m surprised this book didn’t lead to a more adult book…because Wendy Higgins could totally pull it off. I’m glad she kept it YA because I don’t think I could’ve handled it.

Like I just said, not only is the romance amazing but the whole story is awesome! There were some crazy intense scenes and some majorly horrific moments too. Wendy Higgins didn’t hold back on how evil the demons could truly be. But it wasn’t just the moments with the demons that were horrific. Learning about what the demons actually expected of the Nephilim, and then living those expectations with Anna was equally horrific but at the same time awesomely intense…as I would sit at the edge of my seat with my eyes bugging out of my head. Yep! That good!!! There were more than enough crazy intense scenes throughout and right when you’d think that it couldn’t get any worse, it does.

It’s all over and I need more! Sweet Evil hasn’t even been released and I need book 2 right now! I think I’ll have to read this book over and over again to fill the void.

Here's a couple of teasers from the Uncorrected Proof of Sweet Evil.
He was smokin' hot. As in H-O-T-T hott. I'd never understood until that moment why girls insisted on adding an extra t. This guy was extra-t worthy.

"How's your orange juice, Ann? Does it have a touch of Lime?"
The glass paused at my lips as I processed his innuendo, and I took a second to make sure my embarrassment stayed hidden inside. I let the drink swish over my tongue a moment before swallowing and answering.
"Actually it's a little sour," I said, and he laughed.
"That's a shame." He picked up a green pear from his plate and bit into it, licking juice that dripped down his thumb. My cheeks warmed as I set down my glass.
"OK, now you're just being crude," I said.
He grinned with lazy satisfaction.
"I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm just enjoying my breakfast."

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Janell Rhiannon said...

great recommendation...i love the quotes at the end. On my list now.

Little Miss Becky said...

OH, awesome to hear that you loved this. I got it week ago, so now I can't wait to start it!

Patricia M said...

Omg, Mindy! This is a great review and I absolutely love the passages that you picked out. I, too, need book 2 NOW!

Diana said...

"...sweet, evil, hot, intense, heart melting and heart breaking." Sweet baby Jesus! I need to get my hands on this book now! Sounds amazing :) thanks for the awesome review, Mindy!


Jaime said...

Haha decided to post my review tonight too ;) Your's rocks! Kaiden is my love you know how I am with drummers lol.


Unknown said...

What a fun review. I love your enthusiasm. I have an ARC, but wanted to wait a little closer to release date to review. Would you believe that Wendy told me I was the first person to preorder Sweet Evil, back in October (I think)?!? She was talking about it on twitter, it didn't even have a cover, so I ordered two copies. I can't wait to read Sweet Evil. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

Amy said...

This sounds so good!! I can't wait to read it. Awesome review! I love how excited you are about this book!!

Amy said...

Excellent review! I so can't wait to read this one so I can consume it - it sounds fantastic! Thank you for sharing! :)

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

AWESOME review! I had this on my maybe list. The list of books I might consider reading, but want to wait for reviews before buying it. Well hell, I just added a list to my books to BUY NOW! And yet I have to wait!

Your review was just awesome! I loved your enthusiasm! It's much like mine when it comes to Shannon Delany's books!

I definitely look forward to reading this one now!

Elodie said...

OMG Thank you so much for this epic review Mindy !! I'll be definitely reading this now .. I really have to ordera copy like NOW !!!!!

The Princess of Everything said...

I was already dying to read this and you just made it 100 times worse! lol AMAZING review! I may have to pre-order it myself. hehe And I will for SURE let you know if she does a signing at Blue Willow! :)

Fiktshun said...

I'm so glad I can finally check out your review!

I totally agree with this - I don’t think I can put into words exactly how awesome this book is…I just don’t think I can do it justice, not by a long shot!

I didn't even come close to doing the story justice or expressing exactly how connected I was to it. Ugh. When books are THIS good it is so tough to express your thoughts.

But you did an AWESOME job! Seriously! I loved what you said about "living those expectations with Anna" - I did!

And your 2nd quote. Oh yummy. The citrus & the pear. ;) ;)

I think it's totally funny that you, P and J and I totally had different quotes. Even the ones I decided not to use weren't the same. :)

Stellar review!

Kindlemom said...

I am so excited to read this one and your review just makes me want to read it even more!!

Wendy Higgins said...

Love it! Mindy, you rock. :)

Mariya said...

I'm reading this right now and it is AMAZING!!!! XDDDDDDD

Anonymous said...

Great review!!! I absolutely loved this book! Defs deserving of a position in the top 10 of 2012 :)

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