March 9, 2012

This Character Q&A had me cracking up! I'm lovin' it!


I would like to welcome Madeline Black, the heroine from Black Wings, Black Night and the newly released Black Howl by Christina Henry.

♥Me: Hi Maddy! Thank you for stopping by Magical Urban Fantasy Reads! I’m thrilled that you are here. I’m only just learning about your world and it’s crazy awesome! Oh, and you are one kick butt heroine! I totally admire your strength!

MADDY: Thanks so much for having me here!
BEEZLE: You think she kicks butt? I always thought she just stumbled around and then set things on fire.
MADDY: No one asked you to get on the phone line. Don’t you have something to do, like be a home guardian?
BEEZLE: There’s nobody at the door and there’s nothing good on TV right now.
MADDY: Please ignore my busybody gargoyle.

♥Me:  I'll welcome you Beezle! You are for sure pretty entertaining!  Thanks for jumping in...that was totally unexpected. *grins*

♥Me:  So Maddy, How do you keep your sense of humor in your line of work and with everything that you have gone through?

MADDY: If I don’t keep my sense of humor I will go crazy. I see a lot of death, and it’s not fun.
BEEZLE: Plus she lives with a completely charming gargoyle.
MADDY: “Charming” is not the term I would use.
BEEZLE: Your opinion has been noted and discarded.

♥Me: *chuckles* Aren't these two great?

♥Me: Maddy, my first impression of your job as an Agent is that I thought of it as a professional grim reaper! Can you tell us a little bit about your job? And what you like and dislike about it?

MADDY: I’m an Agent of death, which means that I ferry the souls of the dead to the Door. There’s not much to like about it, really. It’s an inherited job, and one I would gladly give up if I could.
BEEZLE: Yeah, all she does is complain about it.
MADDY: You would complain too, if you had to fill out forms in triplicate. Heck, you complain if we’re out of your favorite hot chocolate.

♥Me: I for sure don't envy your job. But I wish I had a gargoyle to keep things entertaining!

♥Me: From what I understand, you gain the power of an Agent when the current Agent in your family dies? Am I correct? And if that is the case, did you have to start working as an Agent at 13 when your mom died?

MADDY: Yes, an Agent’s powers pass through the bloodline to the closest relative. So when my mother died I became an Agent at 13.

♥Me: Wow! That sucks!

♥Me: I know that you had Beezle but you were really young when your mother died! How did you survive at such a young age?
BEEZLE: The same way she does now. By faking it.
MADDY: I hate to give him credit of any kind, but Beezle helped. He practically raised me.
BEEZLE: I’m not sure I did such a great job though. Your life is a mess.
MADDY: None of which is my fault! Did I ask to be the daughter of a fallen angel?

♥Me: Well Beezle, I think you did a fabulous job because Maddy is one kick butt chick!

♥Me: Maddy, you have some serious men issues! Not only in your love life but also in your family! What is up with that? Can you tell us about all of the complicated men in your life?

MADDY: My father is Azazel, one of the Grigori, an original fallen angel. My many-many-many greats grandfather on my mother’s side is Lucifer, who is, of course, the first of the Fallen.
BEEZLE: And they both want to use Maddy for their own purposes. And frankly, I’m not sure she’s smart enough to maneuver around them.
MADDY: Go watch daytime TV or something, would you?
BEEZLE: I told you, there’s nothing good on. All of the soap operas were cancelled. Now there’s some food talk show.
MADDY: Food is your favorite topic. You should love it.
BEEZLE: I like eating, not watching other people eat.

♥Me: Beezle, I totally agree with you! I think food shows are torture...I just want to climb through the TV and eat it all! Maddy, I once again do not envy you...that is some MAJOR family drama!

♥Me: Have you thought about trying to rid your life of all men? *chuckles*

MADDY: That would be challenging. They’re coming out of the woodwork at this point.
BEEZLE: Yeah, the house used to be a lot quieter. It’s hard for a gargoyle to get a nap with all the drama around here.
MADDY: You’re not supposed to be napping. You’re supposed to be guarding the house!
BEEZLE: Why do you keep harping on that?
MADDY: Because that’s what gargoyles do!
BEEZLE: Well, this gargoyle has better things to do.
MADDY: Like eat everything in my pantry.

♥Me: I guess those are not "men" that you could really hide from. *shudders*

♥Me: What physical attributes you find attractive in a man?

BEEZLE: Oh, gods above and below. Don’t get her started about how ‘dreamy’ Gabriel is.
MADDY: I never said he was ‘dreamy’. I would remember using that word.
BEEZLE: You don’t have to say it. It’s all over your face every time you see him.

♥Me: I think Gabriel is pretty dreamy! I'll say it for you Maddy. But my words would probably be, "hottie"!

♥Me: Does anything give you the creeps that might surprise us?

MADDY: Spiders. I have arachnophobia.
BEEZLE: Yeah, she screams like a little girl whenever a house spider is in the kitchen.
MADDY: Do you want me to talk about the time you screamed like a little girl because a mouse ran through the back yard?
BEEZLE: (sounding very nonchalant) I have no idea what you’re talking about.
MADDY: You mean, you don’t remember that time when...
BEEZLE: Next question!

♥Me: Spiders creep me out too! But I'm particularly grossed out by maggots.

♥Me: Who, when and where was your first kiss? I like deets!

BEEZLE: No! No deets! I don’t want to think about Maddy kissing anybody. That’s just gross.
MADDY: You don’t know what you look like with your face in the popcorn bowl, do you?

♥Me: Do you have any pet peeves?

MADDY: Gargoyles who eat all the emergency chocolate.
BEEZLE: Agents who keep the emergency chocolate stock understocked.

♥Me:  Oh! I would say that emergency chocolate is a necessity! You should probably stock up at Costco.

♥Me: If you could have a whole day without drama, what would your dream day consist of you doing?

MADDY: Spending the day with Gabriel. Somewhere warm and far away from angel politics.
BEEZLE: *gag*
MADDY: If you don’t want to hear about this kind of thing I’m sure there’s something else you could be doing.

♥Me: *fit of giggles* I'm absolutely loving the banter between you both!

♥Me: Well Maddy! Thank you so much for dropping by Magical Urban Fantasy Reads and I hope that you will be able to drop by again soon! You are for sure the type of chick I would like to hang out with.

BEEZLE: Really? Do you want to live with her?
MADDY: Beezle, get off the phone! Thank you for having me today!

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Unknown said...

Fun!! That was a great interview!

Jackie said...

Love it! Definitely adding this to my TBR list after that! :D

Amy said...

I loved that interview! It was very fun and entertaining. Sounds like a series I am going to have to read.

Candace said...

That was a fun interview! I LOVE Maddy and Beezle! I have Christina on for an interview on Tuesday. These books are just great and I hope everyone reads them!

Cathy Keaton said...

Pfffft! That was so hilarous! Maddy and Beezle have gotten my attention. I hope I like this book. Don't disappoint!

Elodie said...

I'm even more excited to read this series now. These two are hilarious together .. Maddy sounds like a great heroine and I can't wait o read about her !! Thank you Mindy !!

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