September 30, 2012

Sweet Evil Read Along: Week 1

Topic: Road Trip!
My necessities while traveling!

Night Driving!

I've recently become a fan of road trips! My preference is that I drive, and I'd prefer that all of the traveling is during the night. This might seem weird to you, but I have two small boys and I'd prefer that they are sleeping. Really, you could call that a cop-out, because what I love most about traveling through the night is...

Audio Books!

If you are a reader, then you would have to agree that the best job ever would be to read books, right? I think a job that required a lot of driving would be pretty awesome too. I wouldn't mind sitting in a car for 8 hours a day, listening to an audio book.

Awesome Audio books

Harry Potter & The Hunger Games are amazing audio books, but I'd also recommend:

I'm not big caffeine drinker so when I consume a large amount of caffeine my heart feels like it will pump through my chest, or I'll have a heart attack. But I don't hold back on the caffeine when I'm pulling an all nighter in the car for a road trip. Even if I have an audio book to occupy my mind, I still require some heavy caffeine consumption.


I normally do not stock up on munchies before a road trip because I never know what I'll feel like munching on after sitting in a car for a few hours. So I do all my munchies while stopping for gas and/or pee stops.

Is this normal???

I feel like I've been on a lot of road trips in the last few years, so I feel like this has all come naturally to me. All the other stuff is over-planning in my opinion. Tee! Hee! Hee!! Are these things normal for everyone?

Mini Review!

Gah! Oh, my sweetness and hottiness! I'm once again reminded why I absolutely LOVE this book so much. First off, I forgot how much I really like Jay. He ended up being kind of an afterthought when I've reminisced about Sweet Evil. But this is when I started to grow a strong bond with Anna's mom and, most of all, this is where I started to fall for Kaidan.

These chapters have all my favorite scenes. The scene where Anna discovers Kaidan and she’s literally drooling over his hotnes. The scene where she lies for the very first time (in the bathroom with those girls) really cracked me up. And I was terrified for Anna in the scene at the party with that DB dude. And then the scene learning about the danger of Kaidan's dad when she meets him for the first time at Kaidan's house. And of course the scene at the beginning of Anna & Kaidan's road trip. I can hardly wait to continue!!!

Fave Quote!

"Thanks", I said, feeling terrible. I couldn't leave that ugly lie sitting there out there like that.

"Um, I didn't really hear that about Kaidan." They both looked up with confusion, and I swallowed, forcing myself to continue. "He doesn't have gonorrhea. I mean, not that I know of."

"Why would you make that up?" The friend was more sober, and she was looking at me with deserved contempt. The drunken girl looked confused. I contemplated playing it off like I'd been joking, but that would also be a lie, and who jokes about STDs anyway?

"I don't know," I whispered. "I just...I'm sorry." I backed up and slipped out of there as fast as I could. It was a good thing, too, because Lascivious's last song was ending and all the girls were wobbling toward the bathroom now. It was time for the bands to switch. I wrung my hands and bit my lower lip, looking for Jay as the crowd surged around me. I wanted to go home.

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smiling_ina said...

I love driving at night as well! My little man just turned 4, so I know exactly what you mean. ;)

Though, if I were the person driving, I wouldn't be able to listen to an audio book. I don't think I could concentrate on the road if I were listening to an amazing story. ;)

If it's a longer trip, I'll definitely pack some munchies, just in case. :) As for caffeine, I'm not a big coffee drinker at all - maybe one coffee every two months or so - and I don't like energy drinks. I might resort to a pop, though too much would give me headaches. My hubs though, he can't live without coffee. *lol*

Unknown said...

I love driving at night because there is no traffic and I'm a night owl anyway. Love audiobooks! And of course munchies and caffeine! I have no clue what I will be posting about. I still have to read the chapters!

Erin W. said...

I love driving at night too. Everything seems . . . calmer for the most part. Great post!

Sofia said...

I love the night!! <3 great post!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Caffine (my best friend)!! Amazing post! Thanks for the giveaway!

Amy said...

I almost always have to have coffee or cherry coke when I am in the car. I have super sensitive eyes, so night driving sucks for me, but I do love it. (Just have to remember to wear my glasses with the anti-glare coating on them) I love audiobooks, and Cinder is one of my faves,

Lea Krnjeta said...

Coffee is an everyday must for me and that really applies to road trips

Gaby Pendragon said...

Nice post, it's great that you've been able to go on several road trips, and yeah I can imagine coffee and audio books have to be a must have for going :D

Wendy said...

I so want to read this book. I wish I had it so I could do the read along with y'all. Since I don't have the book though, I will just have to read all your chapter by chapter reviews.

As for a recent road trip, my last trip I made was to Decatur, GA for a book festival. I was stoked all the way down so I didn't need caffeine...but on the way back I was worn out and never thought I would be able to walk again...we walked soooo much. I love road trips when I can take them...and I'm looking forward to my next road trip to Charleston, SC for the Y'allFest!

Lindy Gomez said...

I completely agree with the night driving preference Mindy. I have a 4 year old daughter whom I love to death but I enjoy my me time. The majority of which takes place when she is asleep. Audio books sound like a nice touch when driving for long distances and lengths of time! Thanks for hosting the Sweet Evil read along! I love all of the ideas/themes that you choose to connect to the book each week. I look forward to participating in many more read alongs!!!!

Clarissa (Bookadicea) said...

I love driving during the night! mostly during dawn...the weather is so cool and the surroundings is so quiet, so serene....PLUS with the tons of snacks I'm eating... lol

-Riz Bulatao

Wordsmith Publicity said...

I love night driving too! I just started listening to audiobooks and I'm in love!!!! I'm currently listening to the Iron Fey Series. I'm addicted to audiobooks now. Also, I'm with you about traveling with kids at night. SO much easier! I'm so excited about this read-a-long! I've been wanting to read this!

starryeyedjen said...

Audiobooks!!! I have to put in headphones when I'm riding with the husband because he can't stand them, but I love listening to a story! :) I would also LOVE getting paid to read! Cinder was great on audio...can't wait for Scarlet! :D And I am LOVING Sweet Evil...I can't believe I'm only now just reading it, but it's so much fun to do it as a group!

Ana Lucía said...

I'm not a fan of road trips. I always get car sick and have to be careful of what I eat or drink. Even if they are short drives. How can you drive and listen to audio books?! Wow, and at night! :O

Lis said...

I love nights trips!... wait, I love all trips when the lights aren't so bright. And I agree that listen audiobooks could be awesome! One of my besties always talk about how awesome is it.
Specially when she's listening to the Shade Trilogy audiobooks!

gracelo said...

I'm actually a little bit terrified of road trips (I hate leaving home), but otherwise, they're alright. I absolutely cannot concentrate on an audio recording of a book, so audio-books aren't for me . . . Instead, I'd probably just pull over to a quiet spot to read.

Richa said...

I loved that scene in Sweet Evil, it was hilarious XD
I've never been on a road trip before, but they sound so exciting!

Louise said...

I've never really been in the car at night properly before since we always have to stop and stay overnight somewhere. I definitely agree about having caffeine and munchies, I wouldn't be able to function without them!

Anonymous said...

For long travel I love to take night trip so I can take a bit of rest but if there is so much scenery on the road I prefer to travel during the day.


Alba said...

Seriously, you guys are killing me T_T
What with me never been on a road-trip before!

I have my conscience in place thanks to the -reading- part of this post lol
I LOVED when she lied about Kai that very first time...
Gotta love boys that push your boundaries even when far away from one hehehe
I'm now almost done with the required reading AND I'm trying to come up with something remotely interesting to post...
We'll see... I bet it'll be random, as always...

Unknown said...

I used to be such a night owl who loved driving, but these days I'm really lucky if I make it past 11 without passing out. I also have a husband who is a major backseat driver so I make him drive now.

When I commuted to work the only way I made it through the outrageous traffic was a good audio book! They can really be hit or miss though. Some of those readers are awful, but give me hope that maybe someday I can make a career change!

Atmika@I Talk Books! said...

I prefer night trips too. It's quite and there's less traffic.
Great Post. Love this book! It's pure awesomeness! :D

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