September 12, 2012

BBAW: What does blogging mean to me?

Blogging to me is the first hobby that I've truly loved and stuck with. And here are my reasons.

I never knew that once I started blogging I would gain friends. I quickly realized that I would be connecting with people around the blogging world, but I never thought I could one day call some of these people friends. And, not only friends, but best friends.

These friends are there to share excitement with me. They are there when I need some advice. They are there to listen to me vent. And they are there to make me feel better when I'm upset.

This one particular thing is truly what I think has kept me blogging for as long as I have.


In a way, blogging to me is like a giant book club. With all the blogs I visit, almost every single day I find a book that I've never heard about. Being able to find these books and listen to other bloggers’ advice has helped me find some amazing books that I probably would never have known about.

Reading has been my number one passion for at least 10 years now, and ever since I've started blogging, I'm reading more books than I ever have! And I love it!

Being able to connect with authors who wrote the books I love is amazing. Having the opportunity to ask them questions about their books and even giving them a hard time when they crush my soul in a scene is awesome. But, best of all, I've met some amazing authors who I can also call a friend.

Before I started blogging, I had never attended even a single book event. Not even a book signing! The only thing I ever did bookish related before book blogging was go to the midnight releases of a Harry Potter book. Now that I'm blogging, I've gone to more bookish events than I can count! And now, they have become my favorite things to do when I'm away from home.

All the things above make blogging fun! I look forward to chatting with people on twitter about a book or even about something random. I love reading and even responding to comments...and I love getting my feelings out about a book I've been reading. And people are actually listening...or should I say reading. LOL
Me time!

In my house, book blogging is all about me. When I get on my computer, or when I pick up a book, it's my time to unwind. I find the best time for me to do this is when everyone has gone to bed at night. It's amazing and peaceful! I think for me, it’s like a nice warm bubble bath is for others.



Amy said...

Great post today Mindy!! I agree with all of that! It's so amazing all of the great friends I have made. I also love having "me" time at night after the kiddo and hubs are in bed to just do my blog stuff. I am also fortunate enough to get time to do it during the day when the little one naps, but sometimes I would rather read when she's napping.

Unknown said...

Mindy, I feel like you've read my mind with this post. I love blogging for all the same reasons. Blogging has made me so happy. Thanks for such an awesome post!

Shellyblomker said...

I just read what you said about blogging. I agree that blogging has been my outlet for writing and making friends. I love to read but I've only been writing about books for the last 3 years. I try to read books from authors that I've never read before to give people ideas of what's out. I think we as bloggers are doing something to help out others who like to read like us. I pay attention to what people say in comments. But, I also don't think I deserve an award for doing it, because its my thing.

Anna @ Literary Exploration said...

I totally agree with you about all of these. I think blogging has honestly made me a more outgoing person. Which sounds weird, right? Since I spend all my time reading and sitting on the computer? But it really has. I'm not so afraid to put myself out there and just be like, "Hey! I like to read, you like to read, let's be friends!"

Literary Feline said...

Great response! It really does feel like we're a part of a book club, doesn't it? And I've made so many friends through book blogging. It's opened many doors to me in terms of stretching my limits and meeting new people.

Julie@My5monkeys said...

Great post and I agree with all the above about blogging. I think the friends , and books make this community awesome :)

Anonymous said...

I liked reading your post! I'm the same way. I have recently found so many blogs to follow and great friendships I'm making. I'm also connecting with authors and publishers I'd never thought possible. It's a great thing!

Fiktshun said...

Awesome post Mindy. So glad you've stuck it out through all the tough times and are reminded of all these amazing things that keep you here!

Ana Lucía said...

I love the way you wrote this post. Pretty, short and sweet. :)
Haha this: "(...)and even giving them a hard time when they crush my soul(...)" You're totally right. I'm so jealous of all the events you attend. If there is something I love more than books are SIGNED books LOL. And of course meeting the authors, I would probably faint and babble but still, wow.
I'm glad you're still blogging :) Even with the tough times.

Elizabeth said...

I love how creatively did your post...bloggers are awesome. :)

To me blogging is all about the wonderful bloggers who make it happen.

Stop by to see my post if you like.

Have a fun day.

Silver's Reviews

Lisa said...

Excellentvpost. I mirror your sentiments. I didn't even know this community existed 8 months ago and now, its such a huge part of who I am.

Alba said...

I LOOOOOOVE that you posted Me Time and Friends!!!
I think I'd have gone mad by now if not for my bookish friends, my bookangels-as you are- and the bloggers I look up to.

Though I'm still shy when presented with a new blogger, author, or even a new book.
I still think that those 2 together plus the authors is what makes this community the one I love!!!

Love love love this post and I'm oh so, eternally jealous for the book events you get to attend... Someday, I hope I can go to at least one... I seriously know I won't be a normal person there, what with the crying and freaking outs, but if I tear up with just the thought of going to an event I don't even want to think about the real thing!!!

I love you and your blog! You're amazing!

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